• "Haven First helped me get my life back on track" - Taegan

  • "I was rescued by a team of very dedicated caring people always ready to listen and help" - Barrie

  • "I was in a dark low place and didn't know we're to turn haven gave me a chance to find me again" - John
  • "You gave me a chance when I was pretty much out of chances, you gave me hope when I was hopeless and you gave me your time and advice when I really needed it" - Gary
    "The haven is a safe place"- John

  • "Sheltering, Supporting and Shaping Lives"

  • "You guys are a saviour"- Gary
  • "the staff are amazing people. I was greeted by people who genuinely cared about me [...] I will always be grateful"- Angie
    "The haven is a safe place"- John
  • "My father lived in your Stevenage hostel two years ago [...] he was extremely well looked after and made good friends there"- Pheobe
    "Sheltering, Supporting and Shaping Lives"

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Dear Supporters of Haven First,


We are delighted to announce some exciting developments at Haven First:


In order for us to continue to develop our crucial services for local homeless people we have decided to join forces with One YMCA whom we have had a successful longstanding partnership with.


The two charities plan to merge on 1st April 2023, so that we will be able to accommodate and support more than 800 homeless people each and every night, making a huge positive impact on our local communities!


To help with a smooth transition to this major change, Haven First will be joining the One YMCA Group structure as a subsidiary charity on 1st August this year and continuing to deliver all its services as usual.


The brand of Haven First and its supported housing schemes will remain in place and you should not notice any major changes to the service and support you experience.


The vision for joining forces with a larger partner is to create new opportunities in the future that build on our desire to help every single homeless person who turns to us.


Thank you for your continued support.





01438 354884 (Stevenage)


01462 435835 (Hitchin)

E-MAIL info@havenfirst.org.uk