• "Haven First helped me get my life back on track" - Taegan

  • "I was rescued by a team of very dedicated caring people always ready to listen and help" - Barrie

  • "I was in a dark low place and didn't know we're to turn haven gave me a chance to find me again" - John
  • "You gave me a chance when I was pretty much out of chances, you gave me hope when I was hopeless and you gave me your time and advice when I really needed it" - Gary
    "The haven is a safe place"- John

  • "Sheltering, Supporting and Shaping Lives"

  • "You guys are a saviour"- Gary
  • "the staff are amazing people. I was greeted by people who genuinely cared about me [...] I will always be grateful"- Angie
    "The haven is a safe place"- John
  • "My father lived in your Stevenage hostel two years ago [...] he was extremely well looked after and made good friends there"- Pheobe
    "Sheltering, Supporting and Shaping Lives"

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CR's Story:

CR came to us after being evicted from her house in Stevenage and needing to stay in the area to continue contact with her 5 children. When CR first came to the project she was understandably anxious and took some time to open up to staff, but once she did she reported feeling much more comfortable and ready to tackle the issues that brought her to the project.  Dealing with depression and anxiety, CR has found being away from her children difficult but by working with her Housing Support Worker and Connect Services Worker, she has been able to remain positive.

Although apprehensive, CR was moved into a self-contained bedsit in Stevenage in October 2020 where she has enjoyed living independently. Monitored by her Connect Services Worker, CR still works with an internal counselling service once a week and participates in art projects with current residents to keep in touch and help those who are in the same position she was in just months ago. Moving in the middle of a global pandemic would normally be a daunting idea but CR has thrived with the support of the Connect Services Team and is looking forward to using her progress and new-found confidence to move forward with her family.






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