• "Haven First helped me get my life back on track" - Taegan

  • "I was rescued by a team of very dedicated caring people always ready to listen and help" - Barrie

  • "I was in a dark low place and didn't know we're to turn haven gave me a chance to find me again" - John
  • "You gave me a chance when I was pretty much out of chances, you gave me hope when I was hopeless and you gave me your time and advice when I really needed it" - Gary
    "The haven is a safe place"- John

  • "Sheltering, Supporting and Shaping Lives"

  • "You guys are a saviour"- Gary
  • "the staff are amazing people. I was greeted by people who genuinely cared about me [...] I will always be grateful"- Angie
    "The haven is a safe place"- John
  • "My father lived in your Stevenage hostel two years ago [...] he was extremely well looked after and made good friends there"- Pheobe
    "Sheltering, Supporting and Shaping Lives"

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Haven First's success focuses around the dedicated staff team to ensure that the organisation operates consistently with a professional and compassionate approach . The two main projects and second stage properties are managed by a Management Team, Housing Support Workers, Floating Support Workers, Sports Mentor, Substance Misuse Worker, Bank staff, Cleaners, Cooks and a dedicated team of volunteers who offer their time free of charge helping the general running of the service delivery. 


Board of Trustees


Alan Curtis
Jess Dollimore
Cllr. Teresa Callaghan
Trustee and Chair of Fundraising Committee
Rosa Manning
Gary Mahoney   Resident Representative


Senior Management


Nikky Manning
Deputy Head of Housing (One YMCA)


Management Team


Debbie Harper
Connect Services Manager

Richard Astill
Accommodation Services Manager for Stevenage
Charles Gidigbi
Accommodation Services Manager for North Hertfordshire



Wendy G
Receptionist & Administrator



Tristan P


Housing Support Team


Our Housing Support Team is made up of 15 staff members across the two projects and work day to day with the residents to guide and support their time at the projects to ensure they work through their personal reasons for their homelessness and to move forward with their lives.




Andrew G
Senior Housing Support Worker
Vicky W
Housing Support Worker
Susan W
Housing Support Worker
Morny M
Housing Support Worker
Jack T
Housing Support Worker 
Craig H
Housing Support Worker
Mark C
Housing Support Worker
Hayley B
Housing Support Worker
Marcus C
Sports Mentor
Lisa S
Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Specialist

North Hertfordshire


Kayla L
Senior Housing Support Worker
Diana J
Senior Housing Support Worker
Ken I
Housing Support Worker
Des C
Housing Support Worker
Hannah H
Housing Support Worker
Jenny B
Housing Support Worker
Samantha L
Housing Support Worker
Emma M
Drugs and Alcohol Misuse Specialist

Connect Services Team


Working with current residents, ex-residents and rough sleepers, The Connect Services Team works with the homeless communities of Stevenage and North Hertfordshire to provide support and advice on life after and beyond Haven First. A key aspect of the team is the connections that are facilitated to external and internal agencies who address multiple issues including: domestic violence, mental health, substance misuse recovery, disabilities, family/ relationship breakdown, redundancies etc. .


Ellie B
Senior Connect Services Advisor
Robyn P
Senior Outreach Worker
Iain H
Connect Services Advisor
Shani R
Connect Services Advisor






 Our team of Bank Staff, Cleaners and Cooks are vital to the smooth running of the projects ensuring a supportive and healthy environment for everyone in the projects.  

Our team of volunteers work across many areas of the projects, from cooking, providing administration support, to working with the residents to provide life skills for when they move on. We are always open to new volunteers so if you're interested in joining this team please email volunteering@stevenagehaven.org.uk

Our People





01438 354884 (Stevenage)


01462 435835 (Hitchin)

E-MAIL info@havenfirst.org.uk